Re-use / recycle at the B&B

We needed a more robust barrier for the roof terrace at the B&B, especially as we wish to offer family friendly accommodation (!) and I think I have found just the thing, an ancient manger from the garage that in living memory was the barn where animals took refuge in winter. There is a debate about preserving the integrity of the building and we have done this throughout 6 years of restorations at our B&B in the south of France. However, in this case, this lovely feature was completely redundant. The wood is in good condition, despite the ubiquitous woodworm, and is so tactile – you can see where the cattle have worn the wood smooth when feeding. So do you like my authentic balustrade or should I have let something that is probably over 100 years old well alone?

Worn smooth over the centuries

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    Dommage que la traduction en français ne se fasse pas sur votre site !!!



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