Fete de St Nicolas

Trip to Carcassonne today to the medieval, fairytale citadel of which I will never tire. Fete de St Nicolas meant artisan stalls and crafts and offer of free concert in the church, the historic Basilique Saint Nazaire. The church was packed to the rafters, we were last to arrive but struck lucky as extra benches were being placed at the front so we bagged the best seat.

The concert was not as expected, not carols (and only weeks from Christmas) not even particularly religious, but haunting chant from one man, Xinarca, whose voice alone filled the vast cavern of the church. He had weird and wonderful string instruments that he would hold up to the audience at the end of each song so we could pay homage. I couldn’t understand the language, neither French nor Latin, perhaps the ancient tongue of the Oc? All was explained at the end when he revealed he was Corsican and was singing traditional, ancient songs of his land. A real treat. Hot chocolate in the cafe afterwards, the church is very beautiful and very drafty, although I prefer it here out of season, still very mild and no fighting through the crowds of August to get a seat at a table.

Basilique Saint-Nazaire

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